Where can I do for myself right now?

Work on being honest.  Watch for those moments when you’re totally honest with yourself.  Write down your thoughts and feelings.  Better yet, reach out to someone you trust, someone who cares and listens.  Get honest with a friend.  Tell them what’s going on.  This is really crucial.  Honesty is an opportunity to change.  Seize the moment.  Stay out of fear.  Your fears can’t be as bad as you imagine.  They’re just fears.  The reality is, this is the moment when you are startIng to get well.  This is a sign that you can change.  You’re finally being honest.

I remember getting sober.  It was really hard to be honest with myself and admit how much I suffered because of my drinking.  Nobody knew how bad it was, except me.  Getting honest was hard at first.  Don’t expect to feel comfortable right away.  It’s normal to feel irritable and confused when you start to break a bad habit.  You need to think.  Stay conscious.  Hang in there.  Work on willingness and willpower.  Continue to let people support you.   After you’ve stopped, at some point the nagging thoughts to relapse will go away.  Learn to “feel and deal.”  Find ways to cope.  Gradually, the idea of gambling will be less appealing because you won’t need to escape.  As the compulsion fades, you’ll start to feel relief.

I hope somehow my blog can help you find the courage and the willpower to overcome your problem.  Once you’ve stopped, and learned how to stay stopped, you never need to gamble again.  You’ll be free.  Good luck!

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