Why do I gamble?

People gamble to have a good time.  You gamble to escape.  Or you need money, and gambling seems like the easiest means to make quick money.  You may have had a big win, once upon a time.  Proof that gambling works.  You remember that wonderful feeling of winning and the feeling of hope that life is getting better.  You felt like a lucky guy.  You’re convinced you could win again.  Instead, you start losing.  And, in spite of mounting losses, you turn to gambling.   The thrill of success fades.  You start to see the dark truth.  You’ve lost your winnings and now you’re in the hole.  This is the point when people start “chasing” their loses.  Another sign of a gambling problem: chasing.  Gambling to make up for the gambling losses.  Weird as it sounds, gambling seems like the solution to your gambling problem!  It’s a crazy place.  You know it.  But you can’t stop yourself.  Your life is unraveling.  Gambling is no longer fun.  You’ve become a problem gambler.

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